Toilet Plunger - Sink - Drain and Sewer

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Toilet Plunger - Plumbing Pressure – Toilet - Sink, Drain and Sewer.

In our daily life, we often encounter blockages in the toilet, sink, drain and sewer. It is difficult to clean and will smell bad. This multi-functional dredging device can easily solve the above problems, so you no longer have to worry any more.


Material Rubber + ABS.

Size: 54*10*15 CM.

Gross Weight: 1.5 KG.

Pressure Power 90 PSI.

Package content:  

  • Dredging Device, Inflator Barrel, Adaptor, Toilet Dredge Head, Rubber Dredge Head, User Manual.



  • Powerful High Pressure Multi-Functional Drain Plunger, Suitable for Bathroom, Toilet, Bathtubs, Showers, Clogged Pipe to unblock and unclog.
  • Environmentally Friendly, No more having to use toxic chemicals, which may corrode your pipes or endanger your family. The pump-able plunger makes cleaning becoming effortless and more comfortable. Just enjoy your cleaning!
  • Easy Operation and Effective, this drain plunger can unclog the trickiest pipes in the fastest way by using the power of high pressure compressed air. Just pump the drain blaster then click the trigger, the clog is cleared instantly.
  • Valuable by Multiple Function, A different Plunger Heads, can be used in toilet, washbasin, bathtubs, shower, sink, squatting pan, floor drain, blocked pipes and etc. It can deal with various blockages caused by all sorts of rubbish such as hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease, oil dirties and so on.




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