Smart Cleaning Robot - Multi Colors

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 4-in-1 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, USB Charging, Sweeping Robot, Dry and Wet Mop.

Charging time: about 150 minutes

Battery 1200 MAH.

Dust Box Capacity (L) <0.5 L

Size: 25 * 25 * 7 CM

Weight: 0.6 KG.


Battery Life: 1 hour and 20 minutes-1 hour and 40 minute.

  • Soft cotton water absorbent cloth, water absorbent cloth can effectively lock moisture to prevent the wet sticky floor.
  • Large capacity, 120 minutes long endurance'.
  • Black technology anti-lock design, to avoid the motor winding caused by idle motor burning phenomenon.
  • Bottom cleaning experts, ultra-thin fuselage can be just-right' to clean the bottom of the home.
  • Super' ultraviolet sterilization, while sweeping sterilization, let your life full of health.
  • Extra-long hexagon edge brush, extend the cleaning range', cleaning corner more powerful.
  • Intelligent to prevent drop sensing, to the edge can sense the height drop, know self-protection.
  • One key to start the operation, convenient and fast, press open the key cleaning task to the sweeper, clean after the completion of the press on the key to close the machine.


Package Included:
Smart Sweeping Vacuum Cleaners Robot
2 x Cleaning Cloth
Charging line
User Manual