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Car Phone Holder, Rubber Fixate Gel Pad for Tablet Mobile Phone Stand Wall Desk Stickers Paste Stand



  • fixate Sticky gel pad made of durable and malleable Nano gel pads, a kind of      friendly material and they will not leave any residue or glue when it removed.
  • Fixate gel pads can be a phone holder for car, also can stick your phone, remote control, Mirrors,Whiteboards, Metal, Kitchen Cabinets or Tile, Car, House and many more. Nothing is impossible.
  • The sticky Gel Pads is better use on smooth surface objects.It can't be use on dust or dirt surface objects where can't be sticky.
  • When your sticky gel pad got dirt or lost fixation effect ,you need wash clean clean clean until it is nothing on surface, after it dry you can use.
  • It is possible when you want to stick anything,anywhere.
    Its super sticky and reusable features are the perfect solution for all your fixing needs.

Use: Car, Home, Office, Desk, Room, Bed, Etc..
Material: Silicone
No Magnetic

Product Details:

  1. Reusable Paste Stickers Phone Holder.
  2. Portable Mini Phone Holder.
  3. Strong Adsorption Wall Desk Sticker Paste Holder Stand.
  4. washable stretchable Desk / Wall / Car Phone Holder.
  5. Nano holder/nano sticker for mobile phone.
  6. Phone holder for iPad iPhone/ All Types.
  7. Phone holder for Samsung Galaxy / All types.
  8. Phone holder for Xiaomi, Redmi, Oneplus, Huawei, Oppo, VIVO and Others.
  9. 2 pecs Magic Nano Rubber Pad Anti Slip Mat Sticker.
  10. Support GPS DVR Dashboard Holder
  11. Car anti slip mat

Colors: Transparent & Black.